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This site is under construction. Please  bear with us while we try to bring you a different perspective, A fan’s perspective. That kind of talk you do at work.  I don’t come from Cleveland and claim myself the godfather of Pittsburgh, I don’t berate human beings who call in to participate in the show, and I’m not a lifelong Dallas fan giving you your Pittsburgh Steelers news and views!  ME, my wife,  my daughter, and my brother  are creating this site for you.  Whether you’re driving to work and stuck in traffic or sitting in your cubicle wondering where your life went wrong, need a laugh after a bad loss, or just need to be informed about your favorite team! Pittsburgh sports fancast is your place to get humor, to vent  after a horrible loss,  or find out what the latest news and views are, Pittsburgh sports fancast is the place for you to scream, laugh, and heal as Steelers, Penguins, and Oh my God the Pirates  make their way through this beautiful thing we call a season! 

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